The Chuck Anderson Trio – The Vintage Tracks (Instant Download)

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Track Listing

  1. Blues for Chris 4:36
  2. Yvette 4:23
  3. VSQ 4:00
  4. Woman Child 4:34
  5. Spring Rain 8:30
  6. End of a Love Affair 6:43
  7. Dance of the Algons 5:34
  8. Sweet Talk Me Waltz 3:08
  9. Bojon 3:58
  10. Aqua de Beber 7:35
  11. Ft. Wayne Express 4:42
  12. Phoenix Rising 6:49
  13. Hyacinth 3:17

$12 – Digital Download Only

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The Vintage Tracks Sampler:

The first recordings of the original Chuck Anderson Trio. Recorded in March of 1975, this CD spotlights Al Stauffer on bass and Ray Deeley on drums. Two Dennis Sandole compositions Bojon and Hyacinth are featured.


In the mid seventies, I formed The Chuck Anderson Trio. It consisted of Al Stauffer on Bass, Ray Deeley on Drums and me on guitar. Jimmy Paxson and Daryll Brown also contributed their creative percussive work to the Trio. The sole purpose of the group was to perform and record our style of concert jazz.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Al Stauffer, a brilliant musician, teacher and friend.

In 1975, we recorded our first album, “Mirror Within a Mirror”. That’s right, I said album, as in vinyl. We recorded, mixed and mastered at Veritable Recording Studios with Doug Fearn. Many years passed until I located the original, unmixed 8 track master tapes. It seemed like a good idea to transfer those tracks to the digital domain. Once there, we could clean them up, remix and remaster them. Then the goal would be to release the tracks as a CD under the name of “The Vintage Tracks”. Seemed simple but no ….

As it turned out, the mid seventies was a bad period for record- ing tape – some problem with the chemical formulation. The result was that tapes made in the seventies did not stand up to time very well. When we tried to transfer the tracks to digital, they began to disintegrate. We knew of a process called “baking” tape which was used to temporarily “save” tape. So, we sent it to New York and had our tapes “baked”. Once that was accomplished, we had a relatively short window of time to get them transferred to digital.

With the succesful transfer, we were ready for the next step. Daoud Shaw and Ray Legnini did a great job restoring the tape and overcoming some of the sonic problems of the original recording. I’d like to thank Daoud, Ray, Julius Carey, Lashawn Kendrick, Curt Sheller, Tom Emmi and The Colonial Theater for their contributions. As always, my wife Coreen, my children Chris, Nicole and Silke, my parents Bill and Catherine, my teacher Dennis Sandole, my sisters Sue and Carol and anyone else who has contributed to my work.


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