Guitar Aerobics Volume I

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Guitar Aerobics (Volume I)

Getting Your Hands in Shape

Each volume is based on a different motion principle. Volume 1 is devoted to the principle of Basic fingering. Basic is defined as a fingering position that spans four consecutive frets using one finger per fret. Basic does not use open strings.

Guitar Aerobics, Volume I is the first in a series of books dedicated to building speed, strength and endurance for guitar players.

The guitar is a very physical instrument. Becoming a great player requires knowledge, creativity and technique. Understanding how to do something doesn’t mean a lot if you can’t execute the riffs and the chords. Hand strength isn’t something you’re born with – you have to develop it. Just like a sport that takes specific skills but still requires physical training. I’m sure you realize that it takes a lot of physical training. So does the guitar!

But how do you develop your hands? After many years of teaching and research, I’ve organized a series of exercises that will not only develop speed but will also develop coordination and endurance. The six volumes of this series are based on a set of six motion principles. These moves are indispensable if you really want to bring your playing to a new level. This first volume will get you started in the right direction.

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