Quartal Chords For Guitar

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Quartal Chords For Guitar

Chuck Anderson’s Newest 2017 eBook

What are Quartal chords for the guitar? They have often been, and in many cases, continue to be a mystery for guitar players.

The name suggests that they have something to do with intervals of fourths.

But exactly what are they, how are they built and how are they used?

Quartal chords are most often used in conjunction with the seven traditional modes. Knowledge of modes is important in order to use quartal chords effectively.

One major issue contributing to the confusion is that Quartal chords have never had symbol notations.Traditional chords have well accepted and well understood names like: C13, F6/9. Bbo7. BmL7. Gm7b5 etc.

No such notations have ever been developed for Quartal chords … until now!

This book is devoted to Quartal chords used in a modal context. Learning and using them will be an important tool in expanding your chord vocabulary.


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